Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Weather Wierdness

The weather is behaving in a very strange way here in the UK.  One moment it's pouring with rain, the next sunshine and blue skies.  It's a right pain when trying to decide what to wear but because of this unending rain there is a glimmer of sunshine - more time stuck inside scrapbooking!  

I have a gazillion photos that I need to scrap so I've been trying to push as many pages as I possibly can.  Here are a few:

No journalling on these pages yet, I will add that later.  I'm trying to make a holiday album that blends together well and where all the layouts are coordinated..... ish.  I have written my holiday journal already so all I need to do is add in the journalling from there.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Sherrie x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


One thing that I've always found tricky is journalling. In the past I have preferred not to journal on layouts as I never like the look of my handwriting and I always question whether what I've written is going to look silly to the person reading it later on. 

It turns out that this actually affects a lot of scrapbooking buddies and I'm not the only insecure scrapping wierdo after all!  I'm a bit like this with a lot of my layouts too.  I get to the end of creating a layout and just think, hmmmm, I don't really think this is very good. 

So, I've decided to try and tackle this little problem by planning my layouts and journalling a little better. I bought a notebook and (of course!) before I could use it for journally I decorated it. I've been journalling special days and every day things and particularly events that I've taken pictures of. 

I've found this really useful when it comes to scrapping a photo as I have the journalling already prepared and I can either use the whole thing or just take the important bits out and transfer them to the page. It has definitely made the journalling part of scrapbooking easier for me. I'm not saying that I'm going to put lots or even any journalling on all future pages but it's nice to have even if it's on the back of a layout. I think photos do say a lot but if you've got a terrible memory like I have then you can't really beat putting your memories in your own words for others to read.  After all, I always think (rather morbidly) what if I'm not around to tell my children about their births etc. Who else is going to know all those little bits of detail that the photos don't show? 

Sherrie x