Sunday, 22 November 2015

Little Beginnings

Hello hello. Hope all is well. I don't know if anyone remembers this but Shimelle Laine used to have a project on her blog called Starting Points. She doesn't do it anymore (I don't think) but I always found these really useful. So of course I'm going to rip off this idea for you but in a kindly honouring sort of way! I think Shimelle is brilliant and she was the first scrapbooker online that I found to be really inspiring and kind of helped me to find my style.

I'm calling it Little Beginnings because it is just that and I really hope you have fun joining in.

I'm giving three Little Beginnings using October's Like For Ever kit which predominantly features the Maggie Holmes Shine collection which is awesome and beautiful but just use whatever product you have. You can do all three or just choose your favourite and go from there. I'll be posting at the end of the week my finished layouts which hopefully will be all three!?

This one simply uses three 6x6 papers from the paper pad. Pretty straight forward.

For this I just cut a 4inch (ish) strip from the 12x12 sheet of paper and then cut one of the rulers from the Cheer paper and slotted it underneath. 

This was a part of the Dazzle paper cut along its natural straight line and I added a strip of washi tape underneath.

All pretty simple beginnings. Have fun. Sherrie x

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